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Hi I’m Diana (Astarte), the founder and director of Hearth of Hecate, the Home of Goddess Hecate, where you can gain access to keys and tools to support you through the crossroad, transitions and changes in your life so you can be more of your authentic self.  I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Wiccan Minister who is passionate about spiritualism and mysticism, I love helping people to tap into their true potential, to see the light in the dark and empowering them to shine their light so they live life like they own it.

Intuitive Energy Healings

Diana offers incredibly powerful and transformative in-person or distant intuitive energy healings for those of you who are struggling, stuck, dealing with toxic relationships, physical and emotional imbalances to help you move through the crossroads, transitions and changes in your life. 


Beginners’ Devotional Wicca eCourse

Hearth of Hecate’s Beginners Devotional Wicca Course takes you on an 8 week journey of discovery as you step into the Cauldron of Transformation. Through this course, you will learn about the practice of Devotional Wicca which will attune you with the inner power to develop mental flexibility and strength, to connect with your innate ability to shine!

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Email:   dianawicca77@gmail.com

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